MMO CAST was started in 2017 by Henry Lehman as a simple blog he used to record the advantages and disadvantages that he has tried and shared his experience.

In the future, mmocast will focus on helping people seeking passive income. So they can be free, financially independent and have a more meaningful life. Our system grows every month, we receive more than 20,000 visitors a month and are publishing new content weekly.

Especially at the end of 2019, the covid-19 pandemic was raging all over the world. That motivates us to publish more quality content to help people make the most of their money making money online, working from home without a hitch.

I first started my journey back to financial freedom in 2006 when I read Rich Dad Poor Dad and realized that I needed to earn passive income to achieve financial freedom. Over the years, I read Tim Ferris excellent 4 Hour Work Week and Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires, I realized that if I wanted to achieve my lifestyle goals, somehow I needed to make money online.

At the beginning of my business, I established an enterprise specializing in packaging production and packaging design services. However, the cost of production is very high and there are many risks that are not known in advance. For production and business jobs, my working time is more than 12 hours, but the income is only less than the minimum income. Therefore, I quickly found a suitable and stable job in the state.

However, after 3 years I found that the most successful people I knew had many other sources of income and made a lot of money from various side jobs. I always think and ask the question is why do they do that and they still have time to travel, experience life?

By 2015, I officially embarked on testing different jobs and systems to make passive money. From Amazon FBA, Dropship, to services for local businesses. There are people who fail and neglect, there are people who have succeeded, they persevere with their work and achieve certain success.

In addition to MMO Cast, Henry Lehman and his colleagues have invested a great deal of effort and continued to make positive contributions to the efficient operation of the system. We are also passionate about investing in the fields of finance and technology such as Forex, Crypto. These are new waves in the digital age that you can make money from safely and consistently.