17 Best Places to Sell Used Furniture for Cash Online & Locally

On average, you can earn between $200 and $400 per week if you know these top 17 best places to sell used furniture for cash online & locally…

You probably have plenty of things in your attic or basement that you need to sell. And if one of those things is used furniture. There are plenty of places to sell used furniture for cash online and locally. 

In this article, you will learn of all the ways to sell used furniture online. By setting up your own web store, creating furniture listings in a marketplace, or with the help of classified ads. You can search for new customers by locality, price, keywords, and preferences. 

The purpose of this article is to help you sell used furniture faster. The process of selling is a breeze on any one of these websites. Some even have millions and millions of potential customers. 

Whether you’re downsizing to a smaller apartment or getting rid of clutter. You can quickly find buyers online and locally for your furniture.

17 Best Places to Sell Used Furniture for Cash Online & Locally

You can count on this list to manage and sell used furniture for cash easily. Every website offers different discounts and features. You can narrow down your search by preference, price, and locality. The choice is yours.


OfferUp is a popular website and app for selling used furniture online. In fact, it allows sellers to sell more than used furniture. You can also sell personal items that have value. Such as old books, clothing, musical instruments, electronics, appliances, and collectibles.

With millions of downloads, the app and web interface of OfferUp is quite simplified. It’s easy for new sellers to make money fast in cash and in online payments. 

The website showcases new and classified ads of trending and upcoming products. You can easily sell used furniture in your local area. All you need to do is take a picture of the furniture and write a description. 

The more creative and authentic the pictures and description are. The faster your furniture will sell for you to make money. If a buyer is interested in buying your piece, they can message you directly from the OfferUp app itself.

In terms of costing, OfferUp charges no transaction fees or commission. Especially since you can sell your furniture items in cash and get paid in cash right away. There’s no need for OfferUp to charge any amount for that purchase.

However, OfferUp does charge a prescribed amount for shipping. But only if you opt for that option. A Premium seller membership on OfferUp gets you noticed faster. You can do paid promotion of your furniture.


This is a furniture-specific website to sell furniture for cash online and locally. Once you browse the Chairish website, you’ll know the different categories you can tap into. And if you have furniture at home is of high value, you can easily sell it on Chairish.

The benefits of Chairish for new sellers are quite impressive. Chairish does keep 20% to 30% of the selling price of the furniture after the sale. And the remaining 80% – 70% goes back to you. 

You can also become an Elite seller to make your listings popular faster. Elite membership has many rewarding benefits. 

Chairish has a website and an app to help you sell used furniture online and locally. The constant customer service assistance is another great plus point. 

If you don’t want to deal with the shipping and delivery, Chairish can take care of that for you. Payments, in-home delivery movers, management, and other features. It even makes your furniture listing on the app and website look professional and grand. 

To start selling used furniture on this website is one of the easiest and quickest ways of making money online and locally.


Facebook Marketplace is one of the most user-friendly and instantaneous places to sell stuff online. You can sell old books, clothing, collectibles, antiques, games, etc. 

It helps sellers sell their stuff fast. And it helps buyers buy things at a cheaper and realistic cost. The Facebook marketplace for someone who simply wants to sell used furniture online and locally is useful. But it doesn’t have the benefits that Chairish has in terms of delivery and buyer/seller protection.

When you sell your furniture to a new buyer in the Facebook marketplace. You have to take care of the delivery and payment. The delivery charges might cost you extra since you might need a truck or a bigger vehicle to transport the furniture. 

You can charge the buyer the extra cost of the delivery. Or you can also weigh the cost into the final price of the product. 

People opt for the Facebook marketplace because it helps them reach a wider audience. You have people of all ages browsing on the Facebook marketplace. Plus, since it’s Facebook, you don’t need another app to log into. The interface and structure of the app is quite varied and user-friendly.


This is a local and reliable website to sell used furniture online. The website’s structure is quite direct and simple. You have a ‘For Sale’ section and a ‘Free’ section. It helps new sellers sell their items quickly. And new buyers purchase stuff at a cheaper cost.

Imagine this website as your local newspaper advertisement. A direct price, a quick description, and seller’s details. That’s everything Nextdoor does and it’s an effective way of selling online and locally.

To list your furniture online is also quite easy. You need to take a few photos of the furniture. Set a price that may be negotiated by the buyer if he or she is interested. And write an honest description of the furniture. 

Once you have an interested buyer, you can decide on a fixed pick-up location and time. It’s a quick way to make extra money. And you can also urge buyers to facilitate their own pickup if it’s a large piece of furniture.

Nextdoor lets you target people living in your area. Even if they’re not specifically shopping for furniture on the website. Nextdoor showcases your products to people during neighborhood events, festivals, and other important functions. 

And since it’s all location-specific, you have a better chance of selling used furniture for cash.


Bonanza sells furniture, clothing, home and garden, collectibles, art pieces, and so much more. Whatever you could possibly want to buy, Bonanza has it all. For a seller, this means you can sell used furniture at a reasonable price.

It’s structured and intuitive, just like the Facebook marketplace. If you have more than used furniture to sell. You can create separate categories or “booths” to pool similar items together. So you can create a whole catalog of products to sell. 

With a seller’s profile, buyers can verify you and continue browsing through your feed. Just like a social media profile, Bonanza makes the selling/buying process engaging and visually-aesthetic.

Listing furniture on Bonanza is free. But once you make a sale, Bonanza charges a fee of $10 or so for shipping. The fee is charged on the final bill amount and can be determined by percentage.

Bonanza also charges a minimum fee of about $0.5 for low-priced furniture. You’re paying this amount for Bonanza only if you make a sale.


Much like Nextdoor, 5Miles is a location-specific marketplace for new sellers and buyers. 5Miles ensures a smooth and verified buyer and seller process. It sells more than used furniture online. Including cars, art, collectibles, home and garden supplies, electronics, and fashion and accessories. 

When you make a new account on 5Miles, you have to confirm your identity for authenticity. This is a safety procedure that even buyers need to go through. 

This only proves the authenticity and efficacy of 5Miles as a marketplace. Making the process of selling used furniture for cash online and locally smooth and safe.

You need to upload photographs of the furniture you want to sell. A direct and short description describing the quality of the furniture and its present condition. The app uses your phone’s live location to target an audience. This gets you noticed faster. 

Once a buyer is interested, 5Miles allows you to chat through seamless and secure encryption. The site allows you to sell furniture faster and as stress-free as possible. With the buyer and seller identification, selling used furniture for cash is the simplest thing ever.


Shopify helps sellers create their own web store. With customizations, you can sell used furniture creatively and authentically. It’s a good option for new sellers who want to sell used furniture in style.

Making an account and setting up on Shopify is simple and straightforward. You can use its drop-and-drop web editor. So it’s like creating your own personalized website for selling furniture. 

Having said that, Shopify is not a marketplace where you can find buyers easily. It’s a web store so you will need to do some marketing on the side to get noticed. This means using social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok, etc. 

Creating a web store on Shopify is easy and free for only 15 days. After that Shopify charges you $29 monthly. This is just for the basic account. 

If you’re worried about the payment, for an extra few dollars, you can subscribe to Shopify’s payment benefits. For someone who wants to create their own furniture store online easily and creatively. Shopify is the best platform there is to get started.


Poshmark is another popular and trending website to sell stuff on. For women, men, and kids, it’s the perfect setup. You can sell used furniture, beauty and wellness, and home products. But what Poshmark is famous for, really, is the HomeGoods section. 

You can see wall-art, organization, and storage items easily and profitably on this website. It reaches a wider audience and Poshmark is known for its ease of use and simplicity.

You need to post at least one picture of the product. And write a short description of it along with the price. People can like and endorse your listing. This helps the listing get noticed faster. Another incredible feature on Poshmark is the “Offer” button. 

This button allows buyers to offer up a suitable price for your product. You can compare discounted offers for the same product. And select the buyer based on the most profitable option. This is a quick way to make extra money fast and locally on Poshmark.

Poshmark also takes care of the payment and gives you better seller protection. After the review period is over, the payment is sent directly to your seller account. This helps you sell through your inventory faster. And since all the sales are final and recorded on Poshmark, there is no room for mistakes.


Craigslist showcases classified ads on its websites. Helping you to sell used furniture locally. You can advertise your used furniture after targeting the area you want to sell in. By selecting the correct location board, you can upload interesting pictures of the furniture and write a short description.

Craigslist proves that anyone can sell and buy products easily. Since Craigslist is all about location, it’s easy to find a suitable buyer online. Craigslist charges no fee for listing furniture online. Nor does it charge a fee when you sell certain items.

No matter the cost of the furniture or the final bill, Craigslist is an absolutely free marketplace service. Having said that, it doesn’t do anything but let you showcase your furniture online.

The price negotiation, payment, and shipping is all on you. Whether you want to process the payment in cash or do online payment. Whether you want the buyer to arrange for transport or pick-up. 

All this you will need to discuss with the buyer via chat. Craigslist provides you with a wider audience. And that is precisely how you will be able to make a quick buck.


Etsy is the go-to place to sell used furniture, antiques, and other items online and locally. Whether they are customized, handmade, or refurbished. Etsy allows you to create your own web store, very similar to Shopify. And it also offers you a wider audience and classified ads for your products.

Vintage items and furniture sell like hot cakes on Etsy. Whenever a new user searches for an item similar to your description, your product will show up on the first page itself. That’s how accurate and effective Etsy is.

So when you write the description for the furniture you want to sell, make sure you trending keywords. This helps you get noticed faster and attracts a wider audience to your seller account.

Etsy does charge a small fee for listing items. Around $0.20 for listing an item. And a 5% commission once that item sells. To process a secure online payment via Etsy, you will also be charged 3% plus $0.25.

There are different ways people can interact with your furniture. They can even like or save the items for future purchases. This ranks your products higher and gives you a better chance of selling faster and more profitably.


AptDeco is a location-specific used furniture store for buyers and sellers. The target location is in the New York Metro Area. You can add as many pieces of furniture to sell on this website. It’s completely free. And it has a price suggestion feature that gives you an estimate as to the final cost of the furniture. But you can ignore that suggestion if you have a price to list of your own.

You can chat with interested buyers about the used furniture. You can even offer discounted prices. All this takes place from within the website. So the interface is quite user-friendly and effortless to use.

Another benefit of AptDeco is that it takes care of delivery for you. You can select a convenient time and date. And there’ll be someone at your door to ship the furniture to the buyer after you make a sale. 

Since the payments are done from within the app. One biggest reason why so many people do not go through the hassle of selling used furniture in this. Shipping furniture to somebody else’s house can be a challenge. Especially if you do not have a vehicle big enough to transport it.

With AptDeco, everything is easier and faster. Payments are processed on the site itself. Once you fix time and data, delivery is taken care of. All these benefits however come at a cost. AptDeco charges at least 19% of the selling fee. However, this cost is negligible considering how easy AptDeco makes it for you to get rid of used furniture.


If you love reading about furniture and home decor ideas, then I’m sure you must have heard of Apartment Therapy. And lucky for you, they have their own furniture bazaar. You can sell used furniture – be it modern or a mid-century piece. 

The most prominent location in the Apartment Therapy Bazaar is New York City, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles. However, Apartment Therapy Bazaar lets you sell your furniture to other places as well.

Listing your furniture on ATB is free. But if you want to speed things up a little, you can pay $1 per listing for classified ads. This means your listing reaches more people. And if you already have an Etsy account with all the furniture listed, you can import your Etsy listing easily. 

Compared to other online marketplaces, Apartment Therapy Bazaar is relatively affordable. It charges only 3% transaction and a payment processing fee of 2.9% and $0.30. 

This isn’t like your average marketplace. Apartment Therapy Bazaar lets you customize your seller store. You can even list your items quickly using the mobile app. And you can share your listed items on Facebook or Twitter after posting it. 

Plus, it gives you multiple delivery options. In-person pickup, local delivery, or ship-to-destination. And it also has international delivery for certain orders.


You can sell used furniture in the easiest way possible on Everything But The House. It sells antiques, collectibles, uncommon art, and so much more. Basically, everything that goes into the house but the house. Clever, right?

So if you want to sell used furniture for extra money, here’s where you go. You can make some extra money from furniture that you haven’t used in ages. Or that you have no use for anymore. You can sell pieces that are artistic, stylish, modern, or your antiques. 

Take good photographs of the furniture. Write a good, sellable description. And put it up easily and efficiently on the site. Everything But The House finds the people who would be 100% interested in your listing.

EBTH keeps everything transparent between you and the buyer. Packaging, payment, and shipping. It takes care of everything you need. And what the buyer needs. 

This is a bidding website. So if somebody has a better offer for the listing, they will win it. And this is great for any seller because it shows you what works. And you get the best price for your item without you working hard for it. On a website like EBTH’s, you just have to sit back and let the website work for you.


Decluttr is a reliable and sophisticated platform for selling used furniture. You can sell a whole range of items. It’s easy to use and helps you ship your items easily and anywhere. 

The process of listing your furniture items on the website is smooth. You can download the app on your phone and do it from there. In case your furniture has a barcode sticker, you can scan it. And Decluttr shows you the price assessment of the product.

This is beneficial also because shipping costs are free. This means you do not have to worry about shipping the product. The payment is a huge advantage. If everything goes well, you might even receive a bonus. 

As a seller, you get paid immediately. Not in 2-4 working days. Not after the product has been shipped and delivered. You get paid right away once the assessment is over. Isn’t that great? 

So if you’re looking to make a quick buck, Decluttr is a professional place to sell for cash online and locally. 


As the name suggests, Remoov helps you get rid of clutter. If you’re not so bothered about making a profit by selling used furniture online. Then Remoov is what you need on your phone. 

Here’s how its selling process works. And it is different from other furniture-selling apps and websites.

You must take proper pictures of the furniture you want to sell. And send it to Remoov. The company after assessing the pictures and verifying your details will send a few company movers to take your furniture away. 

That’s it. Remoov is now in charge of selling your items for you. Here’s the tricky part though. Remoov takes 50% of the selling fee once your items sell. But it’s still one of the best because it does a really fantastic job of reselling your furniture. 

Since it does all the work, and because you won’t have to, Remoov is a reliable choice. But if you want to keep 100% of the sales, it’s best to choose from the other best places to sell used furniture for cash online and locally.


Another furniture-focused marketplace for sellers and buyers. 1stdibs is an unusual name but it’s quite popular and effective even today. It has something for interior designers, collectors, and home decor enthusiasts. 

If you’re looking to sell more expensive furniture items here, you’ll find a better audience for it. Selling on 1stdibs is not so easy. It is a marketplace but it requires proper verification and assessment. 

This means that verifying yourself as a seller on 1stdibs will take a while. And once that happens, you can list your furniture easily. 

1stdibs is for someone who’s looking to make serious money selling their furniture online. The website demands proper references for verification. And you have to put up multiple items on sale to be able to get noticed. 

People who are downsizing and getting rid of unnecessary furniture like a sofa or a cabinet or desk. They often find that 1stdibs is not the best choice for them. If you’re one of those people then I recommend you look to other websites to sell for cash online and locally.


Shopping on eBay is like entering a new world. eBay offers literally everything to its shoppers. eBay stands out as one of the leading marketplaces for shoppers. For sellers like you who want to sell used furniture, it’s the ideal opportunity. 

You can sell antiques and luxury items. eBay allows you to list products for free. You can sell as a business even if you have more used furniture. Or you can make this a one-time selling opportunity to make extra money.

eBay gives you powerful tools to make the selling process easier. Tracking your sales, processing payment, and restricting false buyers and errors. With proper photos and an amazing description, you’ll be able to reach a wider audience in no time.

Some Tips On Selling Used Furniture Online & Locally

Say you have things in your attic or basement that you never use. And those things happen to be furniture that may be worth a lot of money. The best thing to do is to sell used furniture for cash online and locally. 

And this article helps you do that seamlessly. But not without these excellent tips to make selling used furniture online profitable and worth it.

Determine the Cost of the Furniture

There are plenty of factors that influence the cost of furniture. Be it an antique, vintage, used, custom-made, reclaimed, or refurbished. 

For used furniture, here are the possible components that could help you assess the cost. This is how you will be able to sell used furniture successfully.

  • Materials

To assess the quality of the furniture means to assess the type and quality of wood. Unless your furniture is made up of metal, the material cost of wood is very important.

Sal wood is one of the least costly materials. And teak and marine plywood are the most expensive. If you want a cheaper alternative to solid food, there is MDF which stands for Medium Density Fibreboard. 

MDF may be cheaper but it is not the most durable wood option out there for furniture. It’s thin and lightweight. And it doesn’t last as long as it is prone to dents and scratches.

The thicker and heavier the fabric, the higher is the cost of the material. And the higher the cost of the furniture overall.

  • Construction

How the furniture is made also determines the cost. What is the quality of the foam, spring, knobs, plywood, and frame of the furniture? Once you factor in the precision and structure of the foundation of the furniture. Whether it’s simple or complicated, you should be able to assess the furniture cost.

  • Originality

If the furniture you’re selling online is one-of-a-kind, people will buy it no matter the high cost. But if there are many similar items out on the market, choosing a lower cost is important. Because if there’s a better deal out there for that piece of furniture, you won’t make a sale.

The mass production of the value of the furniture is another factor to weigh in. If your furniture has a custom nature which means that there are all that many similar items out there. Then selling the furniture at a high cost makes sense.

Mass-produced furniture sells for very cheap. It’s generic but useful. But it lacks sophistication because custom-made furniture looks good and lasts for a very long time.

Take Irresistible Photographs

The only way you can make your furniture look amazing is with the help of authentic photographs. And the number-one rule of selling used furniture for cash online and locally is with the help of photographs.

If you ask me, don’t just show the pictures of the furniture to potential buyers. Show how it transforms the way a living room or a bedroom looks. This will tempt them to purchase your furniture more convincingly.

Take pictures from different angles. Make sure you include tons of natural light to highlight the best parts of the furniture. All this makes a huge difference and will increase your chances of selling the furniture for cash faster.

Write Authentic, Picturesque Descriptions

The next thing that could influence how fast your furniture sells is how you sell it. This means writing a description of the product. You don’t need to make the description grand. Just make it imaginative. 

Look at new ways of introducing and describing your furniture. This is so that potential buyers can visualize what the furniture looks like and what it would look like in their homes. Coupled with the amazing pictures, that’s the way to sell furniture online.

Be descriptive and specific about your furniture. The material, color, quality, durability. If your furniture is damaged slightly from certain places, compensate for that in the price. And mention it in your description to persuade your buyer. 

If there are any defects, mention them in the description. Also mention how long the furniture has been used. All this increases your chances of a sale and the buyer is less likely to return the furniture. 

Try Different Platforms/Marketplaces

It’s never wise to just stick to one platform or marketplace. Especially when you want to sell used furniture fast online and locally, always keep your options open. This means trying out different marketplaces to list your products.

This article gives you plenty of options to start from. Once you’ve listed your products on several platforms, this increases your chances of selling faster. And not only that, you can set different prices on each platform. 

There are several websites that let you list used furniture for free. You can lower the cost of the furniture on those websites. While there are other places that charge you a fee for listing. That’s when you can weigh in the cost of the fee into the final price of the furniture. 

This allows you to be more flexible with your pricing. So you are accommodating buyers who are willing to negotiate with your prices. And then, finally, you can sell to someone whose offer you’re comfortable with.

How to Restore Old Furniture for Selling

If you have really old furniture at home, chances are you can still restore and refinish it. This will not only make your old furniture look attractive. But it can potentially increase the cost of the furniture. So you earn more when you finally sell it.

Here are some tips you can follow to restore and refurbish old, used furniture. Furniture restoration is not as complicated as it sounds. You can do it easily at a low cost.

Before you begin, make sure you take the furniture out to the open space. You may be using some chemicals to restore the wood. So you want to keep it as far away from your home furniture. And keep it outside so that the furniture dries quickly.

1. Make sure the furniture is thoroughly cleaned

Restoring old furniture is not possible without giving it a good cleaning. This means scrubbing the surface of the wood with a clean cloth or a soft-bristle brush. Do not use a hard brush because that could ruin the surface texture. 

An oil-based cleaner can remove stubborn stains. It won’t ruin the material. And you easily get rid of years of oil, growing rust, and wax on the surface. 

If the furniture looks too sensitive to refurbish, try cleaning it with a special wood cleaner. A wood cleaner solution is sensitive to wood surfaces. While it’s true that cleaning won’t make the furniture look brand new. But it can look polished enough to sell again.

If a wood cleaner is not enough, try adding mild detergent in warm water. Rinse the furniture with a soft cloth and wipe it dry immediately after. Do not let the furniture soak in water after cleaning.

2. Fixing cracks and scratches in the wood

 To get rid of cracks and scratches in the wood, you need a solvent. This process of removing cracks and scratches that can make the wood look dull is known as re-amalgamation. This requires a proper tool to buff out the cracks from the wood. 

Adding a solvent to the damaged area with the help of a bristle brush. It’s important to never let the brush get too dry. Once the solvent dries, the cracks and scratches disappear. You can also use a steel wool brush to buff the area. This helps when you’re re-amalgamating thin wood surfaces.

3. Refinishing the wood

A mixture of old varnish and wood polish can help refinish the wood effectively. A good trick to improve the effect is to let the stripper stay on the surface of the wood for an extra 30 minutes or so. 

However, this also depends on the thickness of the stripper. And the quality of the wood. If it’s a heavy-duty piece of wood, you can add a thicker layer and keep it on for a long period of time.

In case you see that the stripper hasn’t done exactly what it’s supposed to. That means you’ve added a less and you need to add more. That should do the trick.

The immediate next step is to neutralize the chemical stripper. Use steel wool or scrubbing pad to do so. With the help of a wood neutralizer, you can gently scrub and maintain the natural wood’s surface. So the shine and luster of the wood retain. Make sure you follow the grain of the wood. 

Final Thoughts

These sites and apps will help you sell furniture. So you can make the most of your used furniture that you have no need for by selling it online. Places like the Facebook marketplace, Etsy, eBay, Chairish, and so many others. They will help you sell your furniture faster and more efficiently.