20 Best Places and Apps to Sell Clothes Online or Locally

There are plenty of reasons why you probably want to get rid of old clothes. Whether you want to make some extra money on the side. Or you simply hate the thought of throwing away your old clothes. Especially when you can sell them online or locally and get something in return for it. 

You can sell kinds of clothes online or locally. Be it vintage clothes, formal dresses, party outfits, maternity wear, or baby clothes. Reselling used clothes that have been worn once or twice is easy and fun. 

Having said that, you need a foolproof and dependable place to sell clothes. A place where you can set the prices conveniently and responsibly. And that the people buying the clothes from you are sincere and trustworthy. 

If you’re looking for a place or an app like that, you’ve come to the right place. You don’t want too many options to get lost in. These 20 places are the most reliable and professional places and apps to sell clothes online or locally. So if you’re planning on selling or reselling stuff, this is where you go.

Can You Make Money Selling Clothes Online or Locally?

Different websites charge different fees and commissions for selling clothes. While this depends on the kind of platform you use. 

For example, certain consignment stores charge up to 80% of the total price of each product. But on certain apps, you can sell your clothes for free and be in charge of the shipping and delivery yourself. This saves shipping and packaging costs. 

So between consignment stores, online marketplaces, and local sites – which is better?

Consignment Stores

Consignment stores take care of the shipping and delivery of the products. All you have to do to be able to sell clothes online is take photos, write descriptions, and create the listing. While this is a very useful way of selling clothes online, it may not be the most profitable.

Because consignment stores charge a certain fee – between 10% to 80%. But there are some websites that factor in the fee in the cost of the product itself. So when you do sell an item, you do not have to pay extra at all. This is a good way to maximize profit.

Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces like Facebook, Etsy, or eBay help you sell individual items more profitably. You are in charge of the delivery, pricing, and following-up of the products. That’s why most online marketplaces are free. They do not charge any fee or commission on sales. 

You have to take photos of the products. And do the inspection for quality yourself. While in consignment stores, seller privileges include prepaid shipping and delivery. On online marketplaces, you need to do this yourself. 

So you can drop in the clothes by yourself or hire a courier service to do the delivery for you. Either you pay for the shipping costs yourself or include in the price of the product before you list it online.

Local Sites

Local classified sites are free and location-specific. The difference between local sites and consignment stores or online marketplaces is that the audience is smaller. Since you are only targeting the people living in your area, you have fewer buyers to sell to.

While this is a good way to increase reachability and word-of-mouth marketing. Local sites are a good option for somebody who has only a limited number of clothes to sell. You can earn a 100% profit from your sales. And meeting up with a buyer, you get paid instantly!

20 Best Places and Apps to Sell Clothes Online or Locally


There’s a name that comes up a lot. And that’s ThredUp. On ThredUp’s website, you can sell clothes that are no longer in use. If you don’t wear them, sell them on ThredUp and earn a sizable sum. If you only visit ThredUp’s website, you’ll find how easy and effortless the process of selling clothes is.

You won’t have to pack and deliver the clothes yourself. You can order a Clean Out Kit from ThredUp’s website. Once it arrives, you have to put all the clothes you want to see in it. And somebody will come and pick up the kit for you. 

The people at ThredUp will sort out your kit. All the clothes you’ve added to it will be organized and you’ll see an inventory of them on your ThredUp’s account. 

Note – Not all the clothes you add to the kit will get approved. The clothes will be inspected for quality. And the rejected pieces will be sent back to you after verification. 

Once your clothes are approved, you will receive a fee for your donation. And more importantly, you do not have to break a sweat at anything. ThredUp will shoot, list, and ship your clothes online. And with the company’s sizable customer base and popularity, you don’t have to wait around for too long to find a trusted buyer online.


If you know someone who sells clothes online, they’re probably using Poshmark. Poshmark is more community-based than ThredUp and most other online spaces. And that is what makes it a unique experience for new sellers.

Poshmark allows you to create new outfits, looks, and styling tips. You can connect with other sellers and buyers in the community. And list your clothes on your terms and linked to your personal style and/or aesthetic. 

Because if there’s one thing that sells clothes faster, it’s the right mood and vibe of your style. 

It’s quite easy to sell on Poshmark. You can upload creative pictures of your clothes with a click of a button. People are like and comment on your photos. And if they wish to buy it, contact you immediately. 

The payments are protected, the shipping is seamless, and the returns are authentic. You have plenty of reasons to try out Poshmark if you want the best place to sell clothes online.


Everyone knows Etsy as the ultimate creative hub. On Etsy, you can sell all kinds of stuff. From clothes to mugs to keychains to home decor and handmade items. It has a larger customer base and it’s an authentic and trusted website.

It’s easy and free to make a seller account on Etsy. You will have to click photographs of your clothes. Organize them on Etsy’s self, manage the orders, and create your own customized label if you want.

This is why Etsy is so famous and favorable. It allows you to create your own label. You buy and print postage for new buyers. You can interact with them, offer them better discounts, and create a super-smooth and user-friendly experience.

Having said that, Etsy does charge a commission for the items you sell. But this commission and processing fee is manageable. Considering how popular and versatile Etsy as an online shopping space is. You won’t worry about paying a small sum to Etsy for delivering your orders and keeping stock of your recurring customers.


Another trending website to sell clothes is at the ASOS Marketplace. You can sell vintage clothing. Other vintage brands, boutiques, and individual designers sell clothes both online and locally using the ASOS Marketplace. So it’s 100% foolproof and inclusive. 

If you ask me, ASOS Marketplace is a good choice for a clothing entrepreneur. You can develop your own brand name or boutique with the help of ASOS. It has a customer base for it. Although, ASOS does even charge a significant commission for your sales – about 20% on sales. 

So how does it work?

While I do not recommend the ASOS Marketplace for newbies. Because you need to have a large inventory of vintage clothing to be able to sell on ASOS. The minimum number of clothing items must be 15. And they must be high-quality and brand-new. Or else it’s difficult to sell your clothes on ASOS. You can learn to mend clothes yourself if you think that they look too worn out or damaged. 

This is a good option for somebody who has experience in selling clothes online. Especially vintage garments with your very own independent fashion label.

Flyp: Sell Clothes Without The Hassle | Online Consignment App | Used & New (joinflyp.com)

If you’re looking for an easy fix for all your clothes, Flyp is fast and effective. You have your very own professional to sell your clothes for you. You don’t have to do a thing. Just take a picture of your clothes or shoes or handbags. And once you partner up with a pro that Flyp offers, they sell your clothes for you. And you get paid.

The pro you hire to sell your clothes is a seller who works on commission. But it’s 100% worth it. It’s one of the best clothes-selling apps today. You can develop your own inventory without paying a single buck. It’s convenient, fast, and long-term. 

If you do not have the time to sell, reselling on Flyp is definitely for you. It’s cheaper than other online consignment apps. And it’s safer and more versatile because you can sell and promote more items like shoes and handbags on Flyp. 

You can sell both new and used items on this website. The website takes care of everything. The packaging, pricing, shipping, and stay up-to-date with customers. The customer feedback is on-point and responsive. So all you can focus on bringing in more clothes to sell.

In fact, in case some of your clothes do not sell after 3 months, Flyp ships them back to you. Or you can donate them or extend the selling time at a discounted price. Flyp’s protection policy allows you to sell your clothes on your terms. And does almost all of the heavy work on your behalf.


Great for clothes, jewelry, decor, and art, The Real Real is a stand-up choice. You can sell luxury items easily and effectively. And earn precisely 85% commission (sometimes more) each time someone purchases your item.

The Real Real is for expensive items. Designer clothes, fancy jewelry, and bags. You can either drop off your clothes at your nearest consignment store. Or have it picked up from your house at a scheduled date and time. 

You can sell men’s and women’s clothing. The website is quite intuitive and user-friendly. In case some of your clothes do not sell after 30 days. You can sell them at a much-discounted price. Or you can donate your clothes for a good cause. 

Instant payments, payment protection, and seller confidentiality. The Real Real has everything you’ll need to make the most of your clothes at home. And it’s so simply made and managed. It won’t take you a long time to get ahead.


Swap is a good starter website for people who want to sell clothes online. You can sell baby’s clothes, maternity wear, and all men’s and women’s clothes online. Affordable and intuitive. Swap offers two ways to make money by selling clothes.

Either you subscribe to their Premier Seller program. This is when you have more than 250 clothing items to sell. This can be anything from shoes to baby clothes to maternity wear. 

All you have to do is fill in an online application. And send a box with some of the high-quality clothes you’re planning on selling. Once the clothes are approved, you are an official part of the Premier Seller program.

If you do not have 250 items to sell, you can subscribe to the website for free. Swap promotes your products for you once they have been accepted. You can receive your payment via cash, check, or credit. 

It’s a good website for a beginner to make some money on the side.


Tradesy is a reliable and professional website to sell stuff on. You can resell most of what you own at a practical price. And even as a seller, if you want to buy from other boutiques, you can do that too. Tradesy takes care of everything important for you to sell conveniently and effortlessly. 

You can list all your clothes in minutes. Earn authentic and realistic prices for your clothes. Tradesy also makes the process of selling clothes online for you quick and simple. You can contact customer service by email or phone. 

The website does deduct a commission from your sales. And before you sign up, you can read all about the regulations easily from their website. In fact, Tradesy will also send you a free kit to ship in order to inspect clothes. Once your clothes get approved, you will also receive a kit in which you can pack your sold items neatly and creatively. 

Bags, accessories, shoes, and clothes. Tradesy offers new sellers a good handle on selling all kinds of items that you might have around the house. The one thing that gets you noticed on this website is good quality and authentic labels. 


If you’re serious about selling your clothes, even if it’s for the first time. There’s nothing better than LetGo. It really makes cleaning out your closet as easy as it can get. LetGo has more options to offer you than your average used clothes selling store. 

The website is a complete user experience. You can give away free stuff, sell your car, house, other vehicles, gadgets, books, and other products. It’s a convenient store that buys and sells second-hand stuff. And it’s free to sign up and start selling clothes yourself.

All you have to do is take a picture of the product, upload it to the website, and set a price. Once somebody wants to purchase that product, you will receive a notification. 

Having said that, LetGo is a good app to sell clothes online and locally. Because the payment structure is a bit different than other websites. You have to arrange a proper time and place to carry out the purchase. So you get paid in cash. 

This is a good way for new sellers to save shipping costs. But in case you don’t mind increasing the cost of the products to include the price. Then you can send your products non-locally to new customers.


Depop is good for selling adult apparel, accessories, bags, and shoes. It’s one of the best online resale platforms. You can do much more than sell your clothes online on Depop. You can find new inspiration for fashion items. You can add descriptions and set your own price for each product. And engage or market your products with potential customers.

So you can think of Depop as creating your own personalized boutique. Where you can create new fashion boards, find similar styles, discover new fashion trends, etc. 

And Depop takes only a 10% commission from your sales. It’s a good platform for new or experienced resellers. It includes a variety of brands, labels, and boutiques. So it’s easier for new sellers and buyers to get acquainted with the buying/selling process.


Another popular and common choice is eBay. eBay started as an auction website back in 1995. From then on, it has become most sellers’ go-to website for good prices and easy shipping. You can start selling on eBay for free. And since the website is responsible for millions of dollars in sales, it’s a trusted and efficient option.

eBay allows you to sell clothes online and locally. You can create separate categories on your seller account. To include clothing, bags, jewelry, or any other item category. You are 100% in charge of your listings. 

The good thing about selling on eBay is that you have the auction option. Once you determine the price of your products, new buyers can make you an offer. And if you accept that offer, with automatic payment, you have finally sold your very first item on eBay.

eBay does charge a seller fee when you sell your items. You can either pay a fee via PayPal or increase the price of your products to compensate for the high selling fee.


This website makes selling used clothes very organic and effortless. It sells more than fashion. You can sell your car, house, any mobile or electronic, board games, etc. In fact, Carousell also offers job listings and services. 

It’s easy to download the Carousell app on your phone. You can access your listings from the app itself. Take a picture, upload it, and fill out the product details. The website allows you to sell locally and non-locally. You can also determine the fee. Since Carousell is a free website to sell clothes online. You can control how much you get paid on the app.

It also displays trending products, ads, and other special services. So you have plenty of ways to make money on this website. 

The only downside to using Carousell, however, is the lack of payment protection. If a buyer is interested in purchasing your product, you will receive a message. And through those messages, you have to decide on a reliable payment gateway not protected or set up on the Carousell website. 

If you’re selling your clothes locally, the safer option would be to get paid in-hand.


As the name suggests, this is a classy choice for kids. You can choose from over a million stylish children’s clothes. And add some of your own into the mix to make money on the side. You can sell your kid’s clothes as he or she grows out of them. 

Whether you have baby clothes, toddler’s, a girl’s or a boy’s. It’s always good to give back rather than throw away your children’s clothes. And how many clothes would you stock up in your basement? 

You can even sell festive or seasonal clothes on the website. Clothes and toys from renowned brands such as Disney, AmericanGirl, Fisher-Price, etc. are also sold here. 

The website takes care of the selling for you. All you have to do is create an account and list your products. You can even promote the clothes for an extra price. And it’s quite effective and rewarding because there are plenty of buyers looking for kids’ clothes at a cheaper price online.


This is a stand-up choice for mobile shoppers. So if you’re looking to sell clothes online, this mobile app is the one for you. It’s user-friendly, intuitive, and foolproof. It offers features that make it easy for any new seller to sell online fast and simply. 

The real reason why sellers use Mercari is for great prices. You can really make a significant profit in selling clothes on Mercari. And the straightforward and simplified interface of the app makes everything better. 

It charges you a 10% selling fee which is not much once you start selling items regularly. Mercari takes care of prepaid shipping. But you can also pack and store the items yourself for self-shipping. These features, and tons more, make Mercari a reliable and convenient choice for new sellers.


Vinted includes all high-end brands and luxury items. There are no charges to listing and selling your products on Vinted. Vinted only charges buyers a fee. There are millions of users on Vinted. This includes buyers and sellers. But buyers specifically because there are over a million products listed on the website from different sellers.

When you compare Vinted to other online shopping stores, it is more traditional. This means that you will find people of all ages shopping from this website. Most likely you can find your mom or dad even browsing Vinted to buy used items. 

The second-hand clothes that are sold here are high-quality and stylish. It’s easy to get noticed. And you may also have returning and loyal customers if you plan on selling more clothes online and locally.


Another versatile and convenient app to sell clothes online and locally is Preloved. You can buy and sell anything on Preloved. It’s free to sign up and sell. In fact, you do not even have to pay a seller’s fee for sales. 

Preloved is more location-based so you can sell clothes locally easily. It offers free classified advertisements to get your products listed faster. And you can target your local audience more easily with these classified ads. So people in your target area will see your products more often than in other areas.

The best part about selling clothes locally is you save time and money. You can deliver the clothes in-person or have the customer come to pick up from a scheduled location. You can get paid in-hand, via Paypal, or any other form of online payment. 

It’s fast, effective, and foolproof. And Preloved allows you to sell more than clothes. You can buy or sell pets, furniture, electronics, health or leisure items, and gardening tools.


Material World is another sophisticated place to sell clothes online. It includes women’s apparel, bags, and shoes. You get a payout via PayPal or store credit. It’s known for its simplicity and ease of use. For sellers, this means selling second-hand designer clothes. Once you promote your clothes on the website, buyers will contact you. You can set your price and get an instant payout.

In case some of your clothes do not sell, Material World can return them back to you. Or you can do a nice thing and donate them. Material World partners with multiple non-profit organizations for AIDS, homelessness, etc. So the clothes you do not are funded for those causes.


Where Material World is for women only, Grailed is for menswear. Here you can easily sell and buy good men’s apparel. Be it designer clothes, footwear, accessories, outerwear, and tops. In fact, Grailed is one of the best websites for men.

It has everything a man needs. All the clothes sold and bought on Grailed are second-hand. So you can easily sell yours on this website. Snapping photos of your clothes and filling the product description.

Grailed even goes so far as to offer a comparison of similar products. So you can set the appropriate price for your clothes. And help your clothes get noticed faster on the website. Because it has millions of products already!

Grailed charges about a 6% fee on each item you sell. And if you use PayPal for payout, it charges a fee for that too. Having said that, just listing your products on the website is completely free. It even offers you seller protection to protect your sensitive data. This Grailed does by taking care of shipping.


You have a higher chance of selling clothes on the Facebook Marketplace than anywhere else. Because everybody uses Facebook daily. And buying second-hand clothes at a cheaper price? Where else would people browse for good and high-quality items?

This is a good way to sell clothes in your location. You can take creative snapshots of the clothes and put them online. Facebook will then circulate those pictures or your listings as classified ads. Targeting people living around your target location. 

Once somebody takes an interest in your product, you will get notified. Payment and delivery are not handled by Facebook. You will have to meet up with the customer in person and accept payment either in cash or via online payments.

The Facebook Marketplace does not charge any fee on sales or listing. It is specifically used for finding buyers in your local area. You can promote your boutique page, create classified ads to reach more people, and do such effective marketing to get noticed.


Last but not the least, VarageSale is a local selling app. It is also one of the easiest places to sign up to sell clothes online. You can verify your identity by linking your YouTube account and signing up manually using email and password. 

This verification process ensures that you can make payments easily and safely. Both buyers and sellers are required to go through this verification process. Sometimes, this process takes a bit longer. Once you do this, you can start selling your clothes online efficiently.

All you need to do is take photos of your clothes, write a description, and set a price. People can comment on your products or message you directly to purchase your products. This is safer because you can communicate with your customers directly. 

On VarageSale, you have to decide on a specific location and time to meet up. Then you can do a personal exchange of the products and get paid instantly. The website’s backlog allows you to keep the product in “reserved” status until that item is sold. 

This makes the process of buying and selling clothes on VarageSale simple and quick.

How to Sell Clothes Online

Indeed, selling clothing online is a very lucrative side business. But that doesn’t mean the success rate is always high. Meaning crashing and burning quickly is also a possibility. But that mainly happens when you don’t treat your online presence as a real, actual business.

On that note, how about I discuss with you how to go about it like a pro!

1. Take High-Quality, Accurate Pictures

Nobody, in this day and age, can underestimate or even afford to overlook the fact that a picture is worth a thousand words. And, after all, you are selling the most appearance-driven product online i.e. clothes.

So it goes without saying that high-quality pictures are essential. Only then can the audience make out the design as it is. You should also keep these pictures as accurate as possible. And if that means showing signs of wear and tear or any other design flaws, so be it.

Bright lighting (for example, natural sunlight) is a must when taking pictures of clothing. Make sure the background is clean and clutter-free. Experiment with different angles for your shots. The goal is to facilitate the most intimate acquaintance between the buyer and your clothing. So the former isn’t too surprised when the letter gets delivered.

2. Sell Only Quality Items

Focus more on clothing items that still have a generous amount of quality left in them. If what you wish to sell is not worth selling, meaning if it isn’t something you know you won’t buy because of stains, holes, and the like. Then why not re-purpose or donate the clothes instead?

Now I’m not saying that your clothes should look like expensive designer pieces. But if you wish to make some dough out of them, then a decent condition isn’t optional.

3. Write Accurate Descriptions

Before you get anxious or stressed about this, let me make one thing very clear. Writing product descriptions is not all that hard. All you have to do is put yourself in the shoes of your potential buyers. So write about the size, brand, condition, fit, style, and other such details you would like to read if you were buying the same item of clothing.

You can also mention other fashion-related information. Such as how to wear it. For example, a very stylish dress for weekend nights. Or that the size is medium but it easily fits both small and medium figures.

It also makes you look like an honest seller if you disclose sensitive details like what’s wrong with the dress or top. Or if it has any tears, stains, scuffs, etc. Keep in mind that tricking someone into buying something defective means welcoming negative feedback.

4. Understand Expenses

You have to take into account your expenses when selling products online. And these expenses include packaging and shipping costs. Along with the fees of the platform you’re using for selling your clothes online.

Earning a large amount of money doing this means also paying taxes on those earnings. And after factoring in the costs I’ve mentioned, if the total number seems too high. Meaning if you end up paying more than you’re making, then ask yourself if all this effort seems worth it or not.

5. Offer the Right Price

Needless to say, used items are certainly more affordable to buy. Both online and offline. So before you start pricing, get acquainted with the original prices of what you’re selling. The actual markup of the clothing in its brand new, on-sale, or used condition. So you can create your pricing range in a competitive manner while also making profits.

And if your clothes don’t sell after a month, then don’t hesitate to slash down the price. Feel free, at such times, to also use different pictures and descriptions. And maybe even use another online selling platform altogether.

6. Study the Market

You simply cannot and should not expect to sell online successfully or even consistently if you have no knowledge about the market. Every platform is different. So find out what sells the most on the one you’re using. Which ones are more designer-focused, shoes-oriented, etc.

7. Jazz Up Your Clothing

By that, I don’t mean spend a lot of money professionally dry-cleaning them. Instead, wash them at home, and even iron them properly. You don’t want wrinkles to ruin the beauty and style that’s still a part of these outfits you’re selling.

Get rid of stains, buff out scuffs, make repairs wherever needed, and so on and so forth. And for the flaws you cannot fix, mention them in the description.

Summing It Up

Can anyone make money online by selling clothes? Not anyone, but definitely those who’re willing to spend time and effort. You obviously need a camera to take pictures, an internet connection, access to a shipping facility or post office, decent quality items of clothing, maybe even a laptop, etc.

Many of us who do this wish to make some extra side income. In that case, it’s a brilliant idea. But you should know how to go about it. And this article, I hope, has helped you gain a basic level of understanding. So if the pre-requisites are met, then nothing stands between you and your wish to sell clothes online.